Bridging the gap between airside
planning and operations

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Wednesday, January 31 2024

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Sharing infrastructural and operational information between airside planning and operations, without losing crucial details along the way, can be a challenge. Transoft Solutions now bridges that gap with its new cloud-native platform, AeroCENTRAL™. Specialized applications on the AeroCENTRAL platform make it quicker and more convenient for technical and operational airport planners, ground handlers and other key stakeholders to publish, distribute, and view airside infrastructure and operational information in one centralized system.

The platform’s first applications, Stand Guide and Specifications, allow stakeholders to present and access various aircraft parking stand configurations, equipment locations, turnaround procedures, or aircraft technical specifications. Click on the links below to learn more.

Stand GuideSpecifications


Stand Guide

The AeroCENTRAL Stand Guide application helps technical and operational planners, airlines, ground handlers and other stakeholders to publish, distribute, and view the latest aircraft parking stand configurations, equipment locations and turnaround procedures. Using a user-friendly and intuitive interface to share this key information, saves time and resources, improves collaboration and reduces the risk of data loss or error.

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AeroCENTRAL Specifications provides the market’s most comprehensive and up-to-date database of aircraft technical data and characteristics for airport planning and operations. It gives users quick access to a quality-assured library of over 550 airplanes, helicopters and eVTOLs in an easily comparable format. Getting the data from one source saves users time and improves accuracy as the latest information is available.

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Why choose AeroCENTRAL

AeroCENTRAL is developed by Transoft Solutions, the company behind AviPLAN CAD software, the leading and trusted choice for safe and accurate airside planning and design. Transoft has been developing advanced and highly specialized software solutions for aviation, civil infrastructure, transportation, and operational professionals, since 1991. The innovative software is used by aviation experts all around the world to plan, analyze, and optimize airport and air traffic operations.

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